Transition to Common Core

Below are links of interest for follow up on the Common Core State Standards

An overview of curriculum at each grade level K-8.  Gives a side by side look at old standards to new standards.
A Look at Kindergarten through Grade Six in California Public Schools & A Look at Grades Seven and Eight in California Public Schools

The group creating the state standard computer based assessment

Lesson based class assessments
MARS Task Link

Group and individual project based problem solving
Problem of the Month

Real World Math Problems (Thank David Leonard for pointing out this great site)
Yummy Math

Math Assessment Illustrations
Illustrative Math

NY State Common Core Transition Units Task Search

Other trainning and information on CDE on Itunes U

Pearson Scope and Sequence of the Common Core
        grades k-12
        grades 3-5
        grades 6-8
        grades 9-12

Kim Ferguson,
Oct 31, 2012, 8:24 PM