Cobb Elementary's Kindergarten Class

Dear Families,

Welcome to Cobb Elementary School!  I'm am looking forward with great anticipation to meeting your child and getting the chance to bolster their excitement for learning.  

Some of you here in Cobb may already know of me as an upper grade teacher, however I'd like to reintroduce myself to you.  My background in education has given me a unique perspective that has kept my head busy and my heart happy.  

I have been in education for 25 plus years.  I earned my Bachelor of Science degree in Child Development, worked as a preschool teacher and ran an afternoon Pre-K program at a school in the Diamond Heights area of San Francisco.  I then continued my education earning my multiple subject teaching credential and started my elementary school career teaching First Grade in Windsor.  

After a couple years it was time to shorten my commute and I transferred over to St. Helena Elementary school where I taught third grade.  Two years after I arrived at St Helena Elementary, the district asked me to help open their new Primary School as the First Grade Team Leader.  During my time at St Helena, we moved to Cobb and my first daughter was born.  It was time to find a job closer to home.  

There was an opening at Coyote Valley Elementary school, this started my 15 years in the Middletown Unified School District.  After teaching four years as a Fourth Grade teacher at Coyote Valley, a rare opportunity arose where the district created a position to bolster and improve Reading and Math scores. I found I had a lot to say about the way the Intervention program should be run.  My training in the Gillingham Approach to Dyslexia, Anita Archer's Explicit Phonetics Instruction, and Liping Ma's Singapore Math gave me tools and fostered a passion for offering our students the needed support.  I was given the honor of creating and running the intervention program for three years.    

About eight years ago, Cobb Elementary was in need of a Sixth Grade Teacher.  I jumped on the opportunity to join the Cobb team and have loved my time in my "classroom on the hill" with the big kids on campus.  This year, however, it's time to get back to my roots and to the place I found my passion for teaching in the Primary grades.

Well that's enough about me, this year is all about your child and their first years in elementary school.  This is an exciting time for your child.  Please take a look around this site's pages to find information and ideas of how you can help your child in their transition to the "big kid" school.

Yours Truly
Mrs. Ferguson         


Donations needed:
    30 Ziploc Freezer Storage Bags 2 Gallon
    large 24" x 36" construction paper (white, black, & orange)
    $10 cash for additional art supplies
    Kleenex Ultra Soft & Strong Tissue
    Extra absorbent Paper towels
    Dixon Ticonderoga My First Tri-Write Triangular #2 Pencils
    Blacktop paint and someone who paints (Our yard needs some TLC)
    Planters, flowers, and a person with a green thumb to brighten our yard
    Pop Up tent for shade on the K yard

Student Supply list:
    Lunch box (only if your child will be bring their lunch from home)
    Backpack (We have a large supply of donated backpacks left from last year)